Bubba kush auto's

That’s a male, mate. I would take it out and clean your grow area well. There’s going to be a lot of male pollen in the area. Sorry to see it.


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I knew they were males… but not supposed to be…I wasted a lot of money on this grow. They are so confident in the quality of seeds …I’m not so sure. .if I’m not compensated some how…I’ll have to find a more reliable source. I can’t believe it…I have to destroy everything…I’m not a happy camper at the moment. I used the best of everything on these.devistated…

3 tents of them… I bought females not males…very disappointed with ilgm

Wowza. Can you fill this support ticket out. I would like to see how come your girls maled. Stress and environment are common.

I document every ilgm seed grow here just for proof in case I need it. Do you have a journal? If not start one asap

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If you have issues with seeds use “contact us” button on the seed shop page. One of the customer service reps will get back to you. You may have link on your order confirmation page too. The forum moderators here don’t have your personal or order information, so we can’t really help with stuff like this. The seed shop reps are typically really good to customers that run into issues though, so reach out to them asap.

I don’t mean to add insult to injury… But… if you knew these were males why did you keep growing them this far? As soon as a male was found it should have been iced ASAP to avoid pollen and wasting nutrients. I feel for you though. That’s a hard one to stomach. My condolences. Get in contact with ILGM customer service. They will take care of you.

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There’s an epidemic online of people growing full on balls and not even knowing. A guy on Reddit was bad mouthing a seed company because he found out his plant was male after a 3 month veg :joy:


Ain’t that the truth :rofl:

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