Bruce Banner turning purple

One of my Bruce Banner by ILGM is turni g purple. She is way cool.

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What’s your temps when lights are off?

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Gets down to about 60 degrees at night.


Thats the ticket. I run 60/lights on. 55/lights off

She is looking real good. Not dure how much longer. Been a little over 10 weeks in flower.

I have been wondering the same thing about length of time in flower. Not to steal your thread but I put my BB into the flower room at 6 weeks from seed. It took about 2 weeks to start to get buds and has been in bud for about 10 weeks but is sure not ready. I don’t want to go to long but usually 10 weeks is long enough ? How long are you leaving yours ?

I cut mine 2 days ago. I think they are ready.

So you went 11 weeks in flower then. Was that 11 weeks from when they started to flower or 11 weeks from the time you changed the lights to 12/12 to start the flower stage?

5 weeks veg, 11 weeks in flower. 16 weeks total.

11 weeks from light change.