Brown tips, gorilla glue autoflower

Hello everyone today I notice a few brown tips on my plant and a little yellow on a lower leaf. Yesterday morning I watered with just plain water about 3/4 cup And also did some light LST by spreading it out. I’m growing in living soil from My light was at 18in but just raised it to 19 to see if that helps. It started with the biggest leafs and at first I thought it was bc it had hit the fabric pot.
Was it the training?The light too close? Heat?should I raise the light more maybe to 20in
Thank you so much for your help!

Light: mars hydro 600w(100 actual draw) 18/6
Humidity 60%
Temp 80f night:77f

Looks to me likebthey just touched the soil too long. I dont think is nute burn.

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She is happy and healthy, nothing to worry about! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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I got a crispy tip on a couple if leaves that were touching the growing pot. The rest of the plant was healthy like yours. Good luck.

Just a hint of nutrient burn. It’ll be okay.