Brown tips and regrowing

From a fellow grower:

Hi Robert… I’ve just read thru the Bible to look for help or understanding
on the following. I have attached a pic to show what I mean. My biggest
plant is flowering well but after being away for almost 2 weeks I see that
the leaf tips have browned and curled up. I had someone watering whilst I
was away and just wondered if there is a nutrient issue. I have been feeding
regularly with high Phosphate fertiliser and the buds seem to be growing

Also… I just wanted to clarify, when harvesting… knowing that I want to
grow from the same plant again… how much of the main trunk should I leave
planted in the pot? In other words… how far up from the soil should I cut
the plant off as a general rule please? Also… as we live in Queensland in
Australia… will the plant simply sit dormant over the colder months?

Many thanks Robert & Co… Love your work!

If you fill out a support ticket it will give the others a much better chance to diagnose the problem. The first thing I and many other will say is what is your runoff PH? That seems to be the main cause of problems in cannabis plants. If your ph in your sil or the ph of the water your feeding them with is too high or too low it can lock out nutrients or cause nutrient toxicity’s.
As for leaving the plant to grow again the next season, I don’t recommend doing it, you are best off buying quality seeds online and starting fresh each season. The mother plant if you choose to keep it and it survives through the winter, as far as I know, will not grow as potent bud the next season around and may be more susceptible to problems. It’d also be hard for it to survive outdoors through the winter.