Brown Stem Rot problem

I have a cloner reservoir and my plants from seed, stems turned brown near the bottom of the stalk.

I use DWC
Flora Series
PPM 1100
PH 5.8

Roots white
Leaves are green and great.

What caused this? How do you stop this? I lost 3 plants so far. Just choked them out… Help!

@TDubWilly you know hydro can you help this friend out

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@raustin @BIGE yall give this feller any help? I know yall Are soil growers but yall may have seen it, @DoobieNoobie you’re hydro aren’t You? Any ideas?

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Here comes @peachfuzz


Water is to close to the surface… trunk rott… as plants get older you need to increase the air gap between net basket and water level… :wink:

You can see how wet the little dirt puck is… suck the life right out of your plants …
You should drop your water level by 1 inch every 2 weeks if possible… once your roots hit the water line…depending on your situation… but if you do this you will never have this problem again…


Thanks buddy


Thanks. Adjustments made.

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