Brown spots on blueberry muffin

Just wondering if anyone has seen this before. One of my plants (blueberry muffin clone) has spots on most of the upper leaves. The plant as a whole seems fine, and the buds look normal, I’m just wondering if this is something to be concerned about. I’m growing outside, no sprays or fertilizers. This plant is about 6 or 7 feet tall and is surrounded by other plants with no spots on their leaves. I would not say it’s a nutrient deficiency since all the other plants are doing fine in the exact same soil/location. I’m not particularly worried about it, just curious really.

Looks like possibly a calcium or magnesium deficiency. @Covertgrower any thoughts?

Difficult to say for outside grows with pests as a possibility. The brown spots pictured in the Hand look possibly potassium. The other spots look differently than the one in the hand.

With out a clearer picture the white spots could be a fungus of sorts.


The plant is large and healthy looking to me besides the spots.

My plant is doing the same. Im thinking it is both fungal and nutrient def. have you gotten any advice on how to treat it.

No advice, but whatever it is it doesn’t seem to have stopped affected the health of the plant much as a whole, and the buds have continued to develop normally from what I can tell. And if it is a disease of some type, the plants around it haven’t shown any spots on their leaves. I’ll post more pics.

I tried to upload a pic of my plant, If you are able to view it , I have the spots, is it disease or bugs?
desperate to save my plant.

I would add .5-1 ml of cal-mag to each gal of ph water. Also consider some pest control, just in case.

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If you haven’t sprayed anything on the plants, I would double check for pests. @Ms.T

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