Brown leaves in flower. Beginner grower needing help

So this is my 3rd week of flower. I’m running a 630 watt 23 inches from canopy, using flora nova nutes, with mammoth P every water. I have 4 different strain plants in a 5x5 and one plant just isn’t doing too well. Leaves are dying by the day and idk what the cause is. I NEED HELP. First time grower.
Temp is 72 during day and 67 during the night with 57% humidity

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Phosphorus deficient maybe? I was having the same symptoms.

I would give them some calcium and phosphorus

Currently giving calcium but I’ll try that.

Cal-Mag and possibly something else, damaged leaves will not recover and it takes time especially during flowering stage when all your plants energy is directed to bud sites. These may help you.


My thought, as well.

What medium?
pH in and out?
And PPMs in and out?

I’m not going to advise adding anything without knowing more. She may be locked out, rather than needing more.

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