Broken leaf... please help a newbie

whats up fellas… im new to the growing circuit and just wanted to see if I can get some help… i broke the tip on one of my leaves… the plant popped the dirt on 9/27 but I’m almost positive I had it under the wrong color and spectrum light so i went with my gut and put them under my 1000 watt led on vegetative mode and it started to grow like what seemed to be normal to me… but I was not being careful and broke off a small tip of 1 of my leaves… is there any blow back im gonna get from this and what should I do

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They look like they might be a little over watered. How often are u watering. Might wanna pop the bigger one in a bigger pot also

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When u transplant it. Try and get the bottom of that netting ripped some or the sides without damaging the roots at all. That net slowed ny plants down alot because it didnt breakdown fast enough i dont think


Your leaves will be fine

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Gotta squeeze them rooters practically dry before putting the seeds in… definitely been staying too wet since 9/25.


I usually water in the am before I go to work mostly daily… i use a lil spray bottle… that must be why the 2 bottum leaves are yellowing… i thought it was because they were gonna fall off soon… OK so when should I cut the netting around the pod?

Thanks bro… i was told to wet em and drop the seeds… i thought i read somewhere to let the pod turn jus a little brown on top and then water but i wasn’t really sure because my old head told me to keep em damp… so with the last few waters I think i went too far