Broken Air Stone RDWC Replace or Don't?

Hey growers,

I recently started my first RDWC system in my tent and my airstone stopped working yesterday. I’ve got two pumps circulating the water 24/7, one for the top feed and another for my water chiller.

My question is, since I have two pumps aerating the water already, is it necessary for me to replace the airstone? I keep the water temp at 60 degrees via the chiller, and I’ve read of growers claiming that airstones aren’t necessary if you have an appropriate water temperature and good water circulation a.k.a. “flooming”.

It is fine to run without airstone I would however raise temp 66-68f your roots would be happier 10f difference between roots and tops promotes better growth at 60f you are bordering on

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Also after your roots make it to the water the top feed isn’t necessary and will more then likely cause a damping off issue and then death… :wink:
P.s. I would get another air stone if I were you…



Thank you for the advice. I had the temp at 66 but dropped it to 60 when I found out the airstone was broken. I’ll raise it back up since you said that though.