Breeding for glacoma

If i grow Thai and Blueberry and pollenate them the seed will/should have traits from both, Correct ?

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It is a lengthy process if u have time and patience. Others will be here to let you know more. Good luck

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You need a woman plant and a male plant (one from each strain) to pollinate. It is a lengthy process and it gets better the more you do it to stabilize the plant. I watched a yt video I can link to you, you basically breed mother → father, they make brothers and sisters and you breed them and do that around 3-4-5 more times until the strain is basically “locked” and has no more changes when rebred

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yes have the process more or less down
i am retired 68yr old male (all the time i have left to devote) patience can be thin at time but for this i can make was just wanting to be sure what i am reading i understand, TY SUUH!!


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If you force a female to produce pollen and pollinate the other plant you will get crossed genetics.

Obviously it takes a good amount of refining for legit breeding. But the concept is there. Good luck