Brand new to growing and need some expert advice!

So i started with just one Afghan Feminized to see how it goes. I germinated in water for 24hr then put it in a wet paper towel for 2 days or so. Once i plant it light was on 24hr for 3days then i switch to 18hr/6hr. I was watering 2x a day but not much(water was not coming out of the bottom) about 5 days ago the smaller leafs from the bottom up started to turn yellow. I asked a friend and he suggested to water it till some water comes from the bottom and only water it when the top is dry. I did that but now the top leafs have some yellow and little bit of brown. Any advice on how to fix it?

Too much water: plant is damping off. Put a dome over seedling, mist dome with straight distilled water twice a day. Keep on 24/0 light schedule for first 10 days then plant should be established and can transplant.


Thanks for the advice :+1: dont have any dome now…can i use plastic ziploc bag and have a humidifier on?

Anything clear that can be domed will work as long as the light can get to the plant. Also if u water only mist the bag and let the water run off that onto soil the light will get moisture built up on the inside of the bag spraying the bag will help create inner moisture. Welcome by the way

Appreciated :+1::+1:

I think if you’ve been watering twice a day then they have probably received too much water. Seedlings need a good watering, then they need you to leave them alone for 5-7 days until they dry out as determined by picking up the pot and monitoring the weight.

Your plants need to dry out! Putting a humidity dome on at this point will be counter productive and they will just keep drowning the roots in the wet pot.

Humidity domes may be ok if you are careful from the beginning but you are way beyond that point now.

Most seedlings die because people overwater them. The pots should be well watered when you plant your seed, then you need to leave it alone for 5-7 days. Humidity domes not needed or desired if you watered thoroughly to begin with. As the pot drys out from the top down the seedlings roots will search out the moisture at the bottom of the pot. If you water a little bit every day your roots will take much longer to develop because they don’t need to search out the moisture and they never get a chance to dry out.

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