Box fan fell on my young plants smh

Hope theyre okay :man_facepalming:t4:

You’ll probably wake up tomorrow and see nothing. Like, nothing ever happened. :+1:

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Right. The box fan just supercropped them for ya. Kinda young to start training tho :laughing:


Right lol, I heard a noise and was like wtf was that.

Better than the fire from my box fan last year. Could’ve burned the house down. :scream:

You were growing in a tent? :astonished:

Outdoors, under a clear roof.
I’d noticed that fan was slow to start, but usually spun up eventually. Must’ve over heated, caught fire, and since the “screen” was plastic it too caught fire and then rained burning bits all over. Lit a plastic wind screen on fire, which caught the decking on fire. Burned hard for 5 minutes and then just stopped. My neighbor saw it at 3am. Was wondering wtf was going on. Didn’t want to call the fire dept because he knew I was growing. Said it was raining fire, then it lit up for 5 min, then suddenly stopped.
That was my good karma for the year.
Funny how 2020 has sucked. :man_shrugging:t2:

House is gfci and it was all hooked up to GFI outlet…

Daaaamn that mustve been a sight to see at 3am :joy:

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Scared the piss outta me the next day.

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You should be fine. I had my glasses kill several plants so I don’t wear them while working in my jungle.

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I remember this happened after I joined. You was lucky the deck and house didn’t go up.


So, has anyone grown Hawaiian Snow before?

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@croberts1290 Never heard of it to be honest but there is literally 1000’s of strains. :+1:

Type in Hawaiian Snow and yes, its there so yes.

@MrPeat What are you growing at the moment?

@croberts1290 I have a Lemon Haze or Lemon Kush Auto. I am not home to take care of her so she is just getting water.

Normally I have Super Monsters in my tent. But I wanted to make it easy on my Sister as she works over 50 hours Mon-Fri.

I am a Sativa grower.

@MrPeat Well Hawaiian Snow is a 90/10 Sativa and I have 1000 questions.

There is a member that cloned it. I didn’t read the topic cuz my internet is in a dead zone. Just for 2 more days.

I dropped a seed this round. Sadly didnt sprout