Bottom leafs dying but rest of plant very healthy

So i posted about this before and i got some good answers, i followed what everyone told me to do like less light, less nutes ect. Well the bottome leafs kept dying and then hit a wall and the rest of plant kept growing and looks good. So my question is do i trim them off? Is something still wrong with my plant? Just looking for some answers.

Can’t tell how big the pot is that she is in. Looks like new growth is very good.

She looks good. The leaves close to soil always take a beating. If they still have green, I let them be.


Would be nice to see em in natural light…

Heres a bunch more pics in natural light! and while i have you here, male or female??? Not 100% sure yet cus this is my first time. So i shouldnt be worried about the dead bottom leaves?

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I don’t see any dead bottom leaves just a leaf that touches the soil and gets feed water splashed on it when watering.
As far as sex too early for me to say.
At some point that lower leaf will be removed as well as many more to come as she grows and you defoliate and train her.
looks healthy to me

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