Born different/special

Tried to get more shots but camera /operator is unable to focus. This is auto White Cheese 3 days from emergence. Will post more if she lives :crossed_fingers:t2:
It is normally under glass is where the water drops come from :sweat_drops:

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Almost a week has gone by and she is hanging in there.

Put some peat around her for support bc she stretched a bit much.
Hasn’t had water added since planting in 3 gal pot moist. :sweat_drops:

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Hanging in there I would say. :+1:t2:

Can you see?

Calcium, Ph, or phosphorous? (Bottom left of plant above.)

Diff plant (Zkittles) in early flower. Same issue?

This one, White Cheese sister seed to “born diff”, I hope is just using up the nutes that remain in the leaves. 86 days since first true leaf. Hoping she will fatten up more in next couple of weeks.

Approx 2 weeks later…

To paraphrase the late Tom Petty (rip): She grew up tall and she grew up right with them Alabama boys on them Alabama nights.