Bonjoyle's Continuing grow journal

That’s awesome!!! I just harvested a Brothers Grimm Durban Thai X C99 and am smoking a bowl of it right now… It is dank!

I took 3 clones of her as well… 2 are in different stages of flower… The 3rd I just did a thorough defol… Going to send her to flower in a week or so


Nice, glad you still here. That looks delish. I have to finish out my 2nd GFOG and going straight in with the Durban Thai. Cant wait.

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Played with a few options…I like this one best. As for where to put the uva


@Bonjoyle So what brand of uva light do you use? I’m just now looking into this

The HLG30 is 24" and the XL is 44" I believe. I grabbed the 24" one for 104.00. I have a grow shop near me that reps HLG.

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She showed pistils yesterday so figured one last hair cut and spread before the flip. Split her right down the middle. Once again… I’m a mean dad.


Week 9 update and damage update

Below are the left and right mains. When tying her down as mentioned earlier I split her right down the middle. I was wringing my hands as she has been the most healthy plant I have grown to date. Luckily, these girls are rebounders and I watched the new growth for signs of her not getting nutrients to the 2 stems but nope, she did not miss a beat and those 2 are now taller than all of the rest. I was going to send her to flower this weekend but now she needs a week to fully recupe so the flip will be this weekend.


They are looking fantastic. BBQ in our future for sure.

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I don’t use any of those apps, sorry! I do know that one requires paper filter or something to be used properly, maybe this is the issue?

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Week 10…almost. Update. She healed nicely from the split.

Flipping today. Did a good defol since i wont touch her for the next 3 weeks or so.

She was a bush a few days ago.

Happy growing! :blush:
Redressed her wound after a bitohoney


I gave my son a clone of the first GFOG I grew and now he is hooked too. She is short and squat with alot of nug sized colas. He will be chopping this weekend with my help. Next grow he is on his own unless he asks for help. I have shared all I know. Train em up and let em go!!

And here is the actual Week 10 pics for my 2nd GFOG. Always another week old on Mondays.

Flipped the light to 11/13 and dropped the DLI to 30. Gonna measure to top of the tallest cola and see just how much she stretches in the next 3-4 weeks.


Symmetry in Motion


Beautiful. You do some excellent training!


Much appreciated. Next grow I am gonna do a mainline with 8 mains, top at 4 and cut off 1, 2 & 3. The transplant after the topping and mainlining will get buried to an inch under the main so it is super close to the soil.


Week 11 update pics.


Week 12 Update

She has grown past the 12" reserve from canopy top to light. There is only 11" left. All stems are so woody I cannot do anything without fear of more damage so I am just letting her go. Will address issues if they arise as they do.


Browsing my photos from each grow and came across another drastic difference at the same age. 11 weeks to the day for each pic. This light was such a game changer.
First Grow GFOG Photo - 11 weeks - Still training and in Veg

Second Grow GFOG Photo - 11 weeks - First week of flower


Wow! What light did you switch to?

The 350r from the cannacon. I went back on Sunday when HLG broke down the booth and picked it up for 350.00. It is the 2023 model with the evo diodes.

The first grow I was still using the TS1000 150w light from Mars.