Bobby’s Winter Grow 2022

Come along with me for my winter grow!

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Lemon Auto

Critical Kush


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set to watch, happy growing


Your winter grow is going to be a early summer harvest. Will check in from time to time.

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Watching now!

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@beardless , yes it will be an early summer harvest. I should harvest at the end of may or early June.

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@JaneQP @beardless @BudzMS welcome! thank you for watching my journal.


Can someone tell me when I should switch the seedlings to veg. Right now they are 4 days a seedling. Also, when I should start adding nutrients. I am using fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Thanks all

PS. I will be using a 630w CMH light as well.


I can’t tell by the photo if you are in cubes or plain medium in the tray.

When I have roots through the cubes I repot in their forever home and consider that the start of veg. Other, more experienced growers, may have better/different approaches.

I am not familiar with that light but will look into it later this day. I am sure someone will respond before me.

Best to you!

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@Covertgrower wait a minute @Rickandbobbyd i got help coming for you , help this grower out shadow !

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I guess I really never thought of doing anything specific to switch from seedling to veg. Technically I believe vegetative stage starts with the development of the multi-lobed serrated fan leaves.
They go from sprout to seedling to vegetative stages in a hurry.


If you are in Ocean Forest you should be good off of adding nutrients until 5-6 weeks I believe… it is a very hot soil I’ve heard and I mixed mine with CocoLoco and I’m still seeing some painted nails on one and I only give ph water… just my 2 cents trying to be as helpful as everyone is to me


I agree, therr is nothing really to switch from seedling to veg. Maybe if you start on 24 hours light you could switch to 18 hours, and that’s exactly whek i would do it l, when there is a set of true leaves.

In most caes well cared for ocean forest will support a plant for about a month.


@JaneQP They are in soil. Under an LED light right now. I have a Vanquish 630w CMH light that I use for veg and flower.

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I also use seedling trays for my germinated seeds. I fill them with coco and perlite because that is what I grow in. This is a GDP photo. They are a little pale because I underfed them a bit. I it time to transplant. It has a couple sets and leaves and I could see roots coming out the bottom of the cube.

The leaves just above the yellowish ones are multi-lobed and serrated = true leaves = veg time

A few days later. They received more to eat and are taking it in.


I just fixed mine . that would be a classic OVER WATERING when they are that small if no nutrients in soil after rinsing it and nothing in water if R/o being used i would do like 10 drops or less for 70 ppm or less of some GH flora nova since it has a trace of everything boran cobalt zink chlorine npk and such. that stuff fixes any issues for me perfect balance

keep ph around 6.0 put a fan pointing at the bottom of the pot keep temps 80 on 74 off

and fresh air or a dehumidifier will do just fine let it dry a bit

best of luck

PS just noticed the lowest Coldeons are green and the next set is yellow then the rest is green IMO OVER WATER reason
they are the first leafs to show yellow is due to the lack of light from new growth blocking it and or temps /air flow allowing the yellow leafs to dry out faster. sometimes

those specific leafs die off as it matures anyways .

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Thanks but I’m very doubtful if due to over watering. They are in coco with 40% perlite. I was mixing Jack’s way below what they needed at the time. Once they got in bigger pots and fed more they perked right up.