Blueberry Seeds

Hi, Can someone please advise me on this seed question. Are the Blueberry Auto and Blueberry Fem one in the same? I see they are both priced the same.

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No sir the auto, flowers on its on the female you have to change light cycle

hey chip, just like nug bug said. autos go into flower on their own and females you have to change your light schedule to 12 hours on 12 hours off. i have 4 blueberry autos in their 3rd week of flower right now. if you are new to growing, u might want to try the autos. i am really impressed with the plants i have.


hey @chipnam6768 i’m growing blueberry autos also, these are very hearty and resillient,great for @Nug-bug says they flower on their own,i keep mine on a 18/6 light schedule. when i open my box it smells like heaven!


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