Blueberry autoflower

I have been dropping my seeds in a glass of water like the website says. I have 90%luck with germinating with other seeds but with the blueberry I only have gotten 1 to sprout out of 10. The one blueberry looks amazing but I need help with the sprouting of the blueberry.

The blueberry took the longest for me as well. I add some distilled water and 1/2 cap full of peroxide in a shot glass. Place the glass somewhere warm and dark. My blueberries took close to 48 hrs to pop a tail.

It has been like 6 days mild growing on outside of seed

6 days I would have to say duds. If they’re from ILGM, contact support and explain. They’re good at replacing duds.

Try 24 hours in warter then straight Soil , 2 for 2 on bb auto, and i never touched it with my hands/fingers