Blue planet farmers pride. nutrients run,

2 gg4xz skittles and 3 super skunks. Trying out the Blue planet nutrients farmers pride line. The 2 on right had some issues, not sure what happened but they started to sex in week 1 ov veg then got stuck. Thats when i swapped to B P nutes, from fox farm. Took a good 3 weeks or so to get them back to vegging. The 3 ss took off right from dirt with BP. @Lostgirl you been a big help with nute questions i had, @OGIncognito , what can i say you were spot on. And a bunch of others ,if i didnt tag its only because i have a very short memory but thank you all.


Nice grow look very happy for sure. Just finished my grow of super skunk but it didn’t have much aroma as I hoped. Good smoke though. Some great experienced growers on this forum that help us be successful. It’s a wonderful group. Let me know how your Super Skunk does. I recently received some skunk #1 seeds that is supposed to be the old style skunk. We will see. Happy growing my friend


Only a decrease in lighting hours can force a cannabis plant into flower mode then an increase of 14 or more hours can revert them back to veg. Nutrients play no part in this Growmie and auto flowering plant won’t be affected by either and no revert to veg from flower :love_you_gesture:

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Looking good brother keep up the good work

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I will . Will be a while, ive grown them before, they were pretty stinky. Smoke was ok, but that was operator error lol. Just harvested some banna kush and blue haze, the kush is pretty tough. Very gasey. I just put it in the grove bags.

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Yea i got a little lax on the lighting schedule being im now short one timer. Will have to get another one but they did take off well. These are the ones i posed about a couple of weeks ago. You told to just feed them and but them back on veg light schedule. Thanks bro i thought i screwed the pooch on this one .