Blue Haze Kracky

So this is a blue haze feminized, growing in of all things a one gallon cereal container. I do have an oxygen generator hooked up via a plastic fish tank hose and air stone. I only run the oxygen during the light on time.
This plant started flowering on the 14 the of Dec. so my best guess is it should be done by end of Feb… I change the solution about every 2 weeks or so. I do have some brown tips on the leaves, but the flowers are looking pretty good, I thought!? I’ve grown one other plant this way and it far exceeded my expectations. It won’t get very tall or branchy but the main stem bud should be very nice!


Try upping you light fixture see how far of a space between your fan leaves are they should be about 1 to 2 inches max apart you will get alot more bud if you got alot more light… the term for your plant is called reaching and stretched out tword the light because it wants more up your light and you nutrients and you will be in a much larger amount of bud bracket