Blue haze just how big is this plant supposed to get?


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_**_I’ve started a new grow in the late part of July , I’ve planted 6 different varieties and blue haze is one , five of them are growing tall but the blue haze is not getting tall at all , is this strain of plant short or does it not get vary tall to begin with ?image at the bottom of this picture on the left side is a picture of the blue haze as you can see the others are growing vary well , and your seed are the best seeds ever , I’m very pleased with your product by the way .

You have a plant that’s showing a different phenotype. My Super Silver Haze is short also and not growing as fast as the others. She may take off but probably will just stay small. I grew 2 Tutankhamun plants last year. One grew normally while the other stayed squat and bushy. The small one produced less in the end but the potency and flavor was phenomenal.

keep in mind…the flowering stretch will increase vertical size for two weeks or so.