Blue Dream Autoflower Texas Dwarf

This is a Blue Dream Autoflower that has acted real strange. Not sure how old it is as it took forever to germinate, then grow. I had also planted an Amnesia Haze Auto that grew much bigger, and has already been harvested.

Both plants were originally transplanted into Happy Frog soil, and were kept remotely at a cabin in the Texas Hill Country, and followed up by the ILGM fertizer packs. It has been an extremely hot summer and the Amnesia Haze Buds were very “airy”. They are curing now and will probably be used in eatables.

When looked at through a jewelers loop, there seems to be a majority of amber trichs on these Blue Dream buds, and there is much better smell and much more resin than I saw on the AH buds.

While the plant is small, should I go ahead and harvest it.

Thanks for you advice.


Hey @kalkas she looks kinda spent. If it were a Photoperiod you could take the majority and Frankenstein that one. Since she’s an auto that probably isn’t an option.
All genetics are a roll of the dice. I’ve had my share of head scratchers.
My vote is to cut her. Trichomes are amber then not much is left for her to do.

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I think I agree with the above. I probably chop too.

Thanks guys. I assume I can go ahead and dry/cure/smoke the stuff?

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Yep. Should be fine.