Bleach burn or lack of nutes?

Growing in FFOF with trio but 1/4 strength. 2 weeks into flower - should I give her small dose of nitro or is this LED BURN? Other two seem plants seem fine…

If they’re all the same distance from the light I would say you have something else going onwith nutes. Are they all the same strain started at the same time on the same feeding schedule?

All same strain just born different times

…I turned LED down to 75% and raised a foot. Seems to like it and other two growing much faster

The bleached plant will end of being “ok”. Not great , not bad , but ok.

Taking wayyyyy longer than I thought… she’s coming down in 5 days unfortunately. I’m proud of this one…if you would have seen how sick she was at the beginning of flower - most would’ve given up…Shows how strong genetics are!