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Can you decarb in a gas oven @blackthumbbetty

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I do. I use a Mason jar and no problems in mine.


It has temperature control and is food safe, correct? Then, yes.


Help me, @blackthumbbetty you’re my only hope!! :joy:

I have recently harvested a plant that is just at the beginning the curing process.

If I wanted to use some of these not-done-curing buds for edibles? Could I?

Can I just decarb the whole nugs and then infuse using a pressure cooker or crock pot or something?


Absolutely. Curing isn’t necessary for edibles, but your material does need to be dry enough to jar to ensure there’s not a lot of excess moisture (water tends to pull out undesirables).

I recommend gently breaking up the nugs for decarb, to ensure even decarboxylation. See above for my advice on making infusions.


Don’t forget: anything can become an edible if you dose it with decarbed weed! Just follow basic dosing guidelines and you’re on your way to an in-flight meal! Remember, cannabinoids and terpenes are heat sensitive, so add after the actual cooking is mostly finished.


@blackthumbbetty So I got a question. Basically I have a disabled dog that got hit by a car few years back. She can still walk and all but I notice she has a bit arthritis and joint pains. Do you think if I made CBD dog treats or CBD oil for her it would help for the arthritis and joint pain? If it can what’s the best way to make CBD dog treats or low CBD oil? I want he to have enough but not too much.

CBD treats should give your dog some relief, but since I am not a doctor, I cannot offer medical advice. Your veterinarian can give you details. They’re not legally allowed to broach the subject, but if you ask them and they’re cool, they’ll be extremely willing to get you some vet approved info.

To make home-made CBD oil, you’ll need high CBD plant material (buds or trim). Then you’ll need to decided whether to make an oil infusion or an extraction.

Here are some good links for info on pets and CBD.

I have a great dog biscuit recipe that I put CBD oil in.


One thing I would suggest is to start from a plant instead of buying CBD oil: most of the stuff commercially available is an isolate and does not contain all of the other molecules needed to create an ‘entourage effect’.


CBDoggy Treats:
-1 cup smooth PB
-1 cup pureed pumpkin
-4 cups oat flour OR 4 cups oats pulsed into a chunky flour
-Extra flour for dusting your counter.
-CBD (whatever dose you chose; I put in about 500mg to 50 treats, so 10mgish per treat).

  1. Pre-heat oven to 325
  2. Mix dough
  3. Flour your surface, then roll out dough so it’s about ¼-½ inch thick, depending on how thick you want the treats.
  4. Cut out cookies or use a knife to cut the dough into a grid
  5. Place on parchment lined baking sheet and bake for 30+ minutes, or until slightly golden and nice and crispy.
  6. Remove from baking sheet onto a cooling rack.
  7. Store at room temp for up to 2 weeks.

I have a different thread started for discussing CBD in dogs.


Thank you I’m going to check out the links! Yeah my vet in the town I’m in wouldn’t know too much about CBD I’d have to talk to vet that’s 45 minutes away from me lol @blackthumbbetty @Myfriendis410 I wouldn’t give my dog CBD that’s been manufactured by those big companies cause I don’t know if they add different chemicals in them. I do have a cbd strain seeds I’m wanting to grow. It has 20%cbd and 1%thc.

It’s not really that they add bad chemicals to mass produced CBD products, it’s that they tend to take out everything except CBD. Full plant extracts are best.


I 100% agree with you. I am also going to find out how to make flavor CBD vape juice cause I do I believe me inhaling CBD will most defenitly help me stop smoking cigarettes. Basically if it benefits my health and my dog I’m going through that route lol @blackthumbbetty


I use this as my reference.


I thought I’d post this as a back-check BT:

Did a batch of butter using a different method.

I have a LOT of GNS (Grain Neutral Spirits) at 190 proof that I am reluctant to travel with (3 1/2 gallons) so am using to clean up some of my trim and flower and make butter too.

Decarb’ed all plant material for one hour at 240F in Mason jars.

I did an extraction of 50 grams of mixed larf and trim (equal to roughly 10 grams of flower).

I did another extraction with 60 grams of gucci flower.

*Freezer method with vigorous shaking every 15 minutes for one hour then filter and sparge.

Alcohol was evaporated away, residue had 20 oz of coconut oil added and 2 Tablespoons of Lecithin. Heated to 190 F before cooling to ambient. Weighed into forms and refrigerating as we speak.

Color is much lighter than cooking in coconut oil and in hopes potency is as high as what I’ve done in the past with just a cleaner finished butter.

Any suggestions for the next time?


I usually do 3 filtrations of the solution before purging off the ethanol. Potency will be better than budder, straight off the bat, but your end product depends on the ratios you decide on. Remember, PER GRAM, a clean feco can be between 700-850mg of cannabinoids, while an rso type is between 550-700. I don’t bother with dry bud weights in figuring my doses. It’s all about the amount of concentrate you use, not the amount of material you start with. A bit different than budder.

I don’t make budder, anymore, myself. I:


Excellent. I’m hoping to increase efficiency and potency.


Before, I’d use an oz of bud with ½ cup coconut oil, and get either one batch (26-30 servings) of chocolates or brownies.

Now, an oz of bud gives me about 6-8 grams of concentrate. That makes 60-80 servings. Plus, I don’t have to add extra fat, like butter or coconut oil. So, more potent and a bit healthier. Also, a bit more work, but worth it in my stoned opinion.