Black Widow fem

Black Widow fem in soil/jacks 321
Flipped to 12/12 on 3/27
Actual flower 4/10
Noticed veins are turning fluorescent while leaves are still dark green.
Think the RedBull Ive been feedin em has anything to do with it ??
(Full dose Jacks 321)
I fed em Jacks Bloom Booster first week or so after flip, back to full dose Jacks 321.
Ph is straight.
Ppm is High :roll_eyes:

Lay off nootz for a minute ??
Or is something else going on ??
Thanks guys


Not seeing anything of grave concern. I might back off on the Part B a little bit because its so deep green in the leaves. But honestly you’re probably just seeing the mid-to-late flower phenotype characteristics beginning to emerge. :v:


This is a symptom of nitrogen toxicity. Feed less nitrogen for a couple of weeks.

Unsulphured molasses is a great way to feed sugars. God only knows what might be in Red Bull. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Gray ,
Im thinkin the same way.
I just did a defol and adjust Cody’s
They are healthy !! :pray:
Pushin 100 days. Don’t wanna F Up now.
Threw 2 Gold Leaf autos in there.
They are 35 days old.
Fourth of July should be Nice this year !!
Thanks for the peek at em ! :metal:t2::sunglasses::metal:t2:


Very nice. :v: Always fun to time the harvest for a good holiday smoke sesh.


:rofl: kiddin about redbull.
Just been feeding full dose 321 since flip
Straight water today. Ppm were 1900/1710
Ouch. I got my eye on em.
Otherwise lookin Great !
Thanks MW


Bet. I’m going to water my Yeti Wedding with some redbull during flower. Lets see what happens. :joy: