Black Widow Banana Kush and bag seed


I clipped a few lower branches off my remaining Black Widow and trimmed them wet.

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They all look wonderful

What looks like two plants in the back is really just one I had to bend it over while it was still in veg. Because it got to tall

Right side “east”

Left side “West”
You can tell witch side gets more sun The middle is kind of bare

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bag seeds plant AKA The Little Plant That Could
Started out small and scrawny but turns into a nice one


So tonight I clipped some of the lower branches on my 2nd Black widow

I ordered some boveda packs 62s but they sent me 69s can I still ues them @raustin

Looking good. You can finally start to see the plants in the back lol. I think those 69 packs might be to high. I’m not sure at what point mold becomes an issue but I’d err on the side of caution.

I would send them back.

I’m gonna order the right ones

I didn’t realize it until I had already opened the pack of 10

This one branch on the BW instead of a cola at the end it split up into a shit load of small larf type buds😥 I’m gonna leave it on the plant until way after I harvest the rest

Looks like your going to have one great harvest

Took some pictures this morning

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