Big difference in bud phenotype between two strains

I’m growing a Bruce Banner auto and a Tangerine auto, started at the same time (at day 82 overall), and at a similar time since flowering began (day 46 of flowering). Banner at rear right, Tangerine at front left.

The Tangerine has smaller colas, with all the pistils turned amber and curling up (trichomes still mostly clear).

The Bruce Banner has much fatter colas, and they are still covered with white pistils ( as well as amber pistils lower down). Trichomes still mostly clear.

Is the Banner foxtailing?

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That would be foxtailing. Is there any way you can lower light intensity over it?

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I lowered the light level about 3 days ago, from 100% to 80% - the plant had grown too close too the light, and the light was already as high up in the tent as it will go. If that was the cause, would I expect to see a change in a few days? I’m on 20 light/4 dark also, so I could reduce the hours of light as well.

And is foxtailing that bad? From my reading, it’s not always considered a problem.

Usually lowering the intensity will slow the foxtailing down. It won’t make them go away, but slow their production.

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Not really if it’s a genetic thing. Some bud just does that cuz it’s in their lifejuice. If it’s from stress it’s not necessarily bad, it just produces late stage flowers that don’t ripen and mature with the rest of the buds. In theory, you’d have less THC per gram if immature foxtailed bud was in the mix compared to solid, ripe nugs.


“produces late stage flowers that don’t ripen and mature with the rest of the buds.”

In that case, would you try to harvest the the more vs. less mature buds separately, or just leave them all mixed up? I was planning on cutting down and hanging the whole plant for drying, but I could dry individual branches if necessary.