Bestva led replacements

I’m new to the forum great site lots of info .I have a bestva smart led 1000 I’m trying to figure out what to replace a few of the blown lights the drivers are fine but there is no info on the lights its self and I have tried to contact the company but no response .there is some information on the drivers but I am looking for info such as are they 5 wats 10 wats 50 or what .and a good place to buy new replacements

I can’t help you myself, but there is the resident lighting guru @dbrn32 who I am certain he can provide the assistance you need. He helped me build my LED setup.

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You have constant current drivers that are 680ma output, forward voltage range is 60-80vdc.

Yes but that info is never on any of the places ive looked like Amazon or others any suggestions as where to source them

How old is the light? I believe you have to contact amazon but they have warrenties so should be pretty simple to get a replacement

I got it used the bad about buying used plus they don’t carry them anymore

That’s the info you need, you’re looking in the wrong spots. How many cobs per driver, and are they wired in series or parallel?

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One each

I’m definitely not an electrical engineer but not stupid

60-80v and only 1 cob limits your options. As long as sure thats how they’re wired, A bridgelux vero 29c has fv of about 69v. Cree makes a cxb3590 in 72v as well.

If you go with vero 29c they’re available in “se” model which has built in holder and poke in connectors. You would need to get connection directly to heatsink with layer of thermal paste. There is detailed instructions available on youtube.

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Thanks I’ll look into it

Thanks for the help order some replacement and install working great

Did you just bypass the driver?

Yes pretty much an exact fit just removed the drivers