Best way to hold back a plant?

I have several plants that need to catch up to a fast growing Durban poison. My question is; what is the safest and least stressful way to hold back a plant. Common sense says just move it out from directly under the Mars Hydro TSL-2000. My hunch may be wrong so if anyone could give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.


First welcome to the community. My experience with growing more than a couple plants At the time seems like you’re going to always have one that will out do the rest. You can always do a little topping an a little training to try to keep canopy the Same height. Nice plants. Good luck.

I guess I was not very clear on what I have done already. All plants get topped up to 6 times during veg depending on strain,growth rate, etc., the biggest one just got topped over weekend so I’m limited on doing any more cutting.

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Last grow one plant ,I had to gently pull and tie a few limbs down to keep canopy even

I haven’t tied anything down yet, I’ll do that today. Thanks for the help.

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Welcome. I usually grow a few ladies at a time and top them multiple times. I do some LST to keep canopy fairly even. One thing I have found out is that it is best to pull them down when they are thirsty. They are more limber and less prone to snapping when dry.

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Thanks! I was just about to water, I’ll do the LST first.

Super crop the branches that are growing too fast.

Usually a technique I wait for flower to do but could work in this situation