Best way to dry autoflowers

How do you guys dryer Auto flowers. Do you separate the branches or do you hang the whole plant upside down. I’m within a week or two of harvesting my first indoor grow. It seems like hanging the whole plant upside down would be best


I have low humidity so i usually dry the whole plant upside down or half n half, just depends on your controlled area


Dry slowly to preserve terpenes. Hanging the whole plant works great for me unless its at a high humidity time of year…then I’ll hang branch by branch to dry.

I target 60% humidity, 60 degrees f. No direct airflow on the flowers. Total darkness.

I then cure in grove bags and/or c-vaults.


My preferred method is drying the entire plants upside down as well. When conditions permit, I like the drying room to be around 60 to 64°F. For the first couple of days I let the humidity stay around 62%, then around 60% for the next couple of days, and then 58% for the rest of the way. Depending on the size, it can be anywhere from 6 to 13 days. I keep a small fan moving air, but not blowing on the plants, and I learned over time that if you want them to finish around the same time, it really helps to rotate them every day or two. Otherwise the ones near where fresh air is drawn in or near where the exhaust pulls out from will dry faster. To make rotating them easy, when I hang them, I cut the hanging line in the middle, make a loop in each end, and then use a small S hook to join them. That way it only takes a minute to switch their positions around. The best way to know for certain when they’re ready to trim and jar is with a moisture meter. You can get a decent one at Home Depot or Lowes for around 30 or 40 bucks. I use the building materials setting, and I wait for them to go down to between 11 to 13% moisture, then I trim.


Cut and hang the entire plant. Must be a dark room like the basement, with no more than 55% humidity around 70° with airflow, but no fans directly on the plants. Hang for at least 10 days. Leave the fan leaves on too. The key is slow, steady, and controlled. Hit me up after the hang. Don’t wet trim, its BS.


Man, yall got me… im gonna hang the whole plant this next harvest instead of wet trim. I wanna see the difference…


I trim my plants down to nugget size and put them in my hanging dryer. I keep them in the dark with a fan lightly blowing air at 60%RH.

I’ve never had a meter, so my very first time I’d check them many times a day. I started with a wet weight and each day they got weighed.

When they reached what i thought they should feel like when properly dried, i weighed them.

I now use that process for drying. I give them 5-7 days but start weighing in the 4th day. When i hit the % range for the right and most importantly, the right feel, i put them in jars and start the cure.

After two weeks of daily shaking and burping, or once the grassy gay smell is gone, i put boveda packs in the jars. Then burp once a month.

It always comes out exactly how i like my flower.


The difference is huge my friend, trust me. Slow dry is the best as it begins its cure during hanging.


I was told I don’t need fan with right conditions to dry

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You don’t want the air in the drying environment to be stagnant. You also don’t want a fan blowing directly on the plants. Even if the temperature and humidity are at ideal levels, you still want to make sure that there’s at least some air movement.

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I hope everyone is well. One of my flowers broke and it is in the 10th week. The weight of the buds weekend in the middle. I put top part in a vase with water. Should I put it to dry or leave in vase? The hairs are still white​:woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4::woman_facepalming:t4:. Please Help me.

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