Best way black out window

I am having the hardest time finding something to completely black out the light coming in a window so I can stick to a light schedule. I’ve searched Ebay, photography…I don’t think a black out curtain will work well enough and they seem to be expensive. Must be something inexpensive that I could put on the inside (blinds face outside) so light cannot come in and cannot see light from street. Appreciate any input!!

black out drapes. Panda Plastic just to name a couple.

I use a bamboo window shade (rool up type) I use a size that covers the entire window, plus a few inches all around. I connect Panda Plastic black side out and no one can tell it is not merely a dark room.

I do the same with blackout backing. This is the material that is attached to the bacl of blackout drapes. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much!! Panda Plastic may have another name in US…but let me see:) This is exactly what I need!!

OK, not to be annoying…but what you are describing is EXACTLY what I need. BUT, I can’t seem to find any reference to ‘Panda Plastic’ anywhere. Maybe I’m looking in wrong place. Even Googling it…I get a bunch of info about Pandas:) I know there is a ‘plastic’ out there like I need but I cannot find it. What type of store carries ‘panda plastic’?

Got it! Thank you!!

I have an entire roll. I am re-opening my hydro store soon. I will be able to carry some of the necessary tools, and such needed for growing.

Panda film

I have a cellar window I blacked out with a HD Black Construction Trash Bag (cut to size) with Duck Tape. Cheap and works like a charm.

I’m heading out to one of the big box stores to pick up a roll of thick black plastic sheeting.

I double it up, and then double tape it to the inside of the window so from the outside it’s just the normal little mini blinds visible like the rest of the residence.