Best time to defoliate plants

so when is the best time to defoliate your plants, my cuttings are in there first pots about 10 days old so when would i start taking leaves off

Do you have any pictures?

Not now! The most important thing about indoor growing, besides lights, is learning LST. You will get different opinions about defoliating. Much of it depends on how you prune and train them. In the most general terms once the plant starts filling in and after the first round or two of pruning, I try to keep bottom clean. I also open up the center of the plant. Other wise quite traditional. Just before flip then again around day 21 after flip


I agree with @beardless


there inch 7 inch tall at the minute ill take some pics tomorrow and thanks

@beardless has you covered i typically don’t defoliate until the day I flip to flower and then 15 to 20 days after flip its also strain dependent for me also indicas can be short and bushy with realy big fat fan leafs that block a TON of light for lower growth in this case i try to tuck the leafs last option is to remove said leafs that block out light as to where sativas grow taller and leafs are typically more slider and elongated and typically do well just tucked out of the way


cheers @beardless