Best soil to use after transplant?

What’s the best soil to use after transplant?

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I would use Fox Farms Ocean Forest.


What level of involvement do you want?

As @Myfriendis410 recommended FFOF is a great soil. It has nutrients in it already and you would just have to water for several weeks.

If you want to control the nutrients more a ProMix may more be your speed. I like to tinker so I use ProMix.


I believe that is my favorite medium. I’ve been using the high porosity for over a year and still have half a bag.


Well i just ordered foxfarm ocean soil,…I’ve always mixed my own soil and never needed to added to much of anything besides mycohirzea in the first few weeks.but for some reason these just aren’t growin anymore and turning yellow​:scream::scream:

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Good soil for a transplant. You won’t need nutes for weeks. Myco as an amendment is great. I also add 20 - 30% perlite to mine to thin it out a bit. It helps drainage, aeration, and helps prevent compaction.


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I’m transplanting today into FFOF soil so hopefully that brings these back to life😳and not yellow anymore