Best Setup for 2.3m wide and 5.3m long room?


I am a newbie to growing and wanted to set up a grow room that can produce as higher yield as possible. Space is 2.3m wide and 5.3m long.

Would appreciate any feedback on systems and techniques prior to starting.


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First; what are you looking for as far as yield?

Second; what’s your budget?

Third; how handy are you?

Fourth; what is the environment like in the region you will be growing in? Does it get to subzero in winter for example and can affect humidity. Desert climate has it’s own challenges. You get my point: more info needed.


Hi, thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face:

First; what are you looking for as far as yield? As much as possible in that space.

Second; what’s your budget? Budget is not an issue.

Third; how handy are you? Like to think I’m pretty handy!

Fourth; what is the environment like in the region you will be growing in? Does it get to subzero in winter for example and can affect humidity. Desert climate has it’s own challenges. You get my point: more info needed.

Insulated container. Humid during summer (28 and 36 degrees celsius). Winter no subzero (6 to 20 degrees celsius).

Oh and it would be good get clones and keep growing continuously if possible in that space.

Let me call in a few other serious growers: @dbrn32 @MattyBear @Bogleg @repins12 @Covertgrower

Two issues to overcome: keeping environment stable throughout the grow and providing adequate light. Your temperatures are already in the high range and lighting will add a bunch of heat to the space as well.

Good lights aren’t cheap: we’ve seen a sea change in top tier lighting as LED is dominating everything else. One thing you could do now is to research “Horticulture Lighting Group”. No links for that; sorry. This is where I would start.


This insulated container,
Will definitely need a mini split for climate control.
You’ll need a dehumidifier.
As far as lighting goes there’s a few kinds, COB and hlg boards. Dbrn32 will be able to explain that subject better I can.
You’ll need working space, you’ll need an aisle down the middle, and maybe flowering towards the back half. I have no idea what it looks like doors or entrances. But I’m throwing ideas out there.

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Thanks for the feedback.
I will def be purchasing LED lights and have a few types in mind. They are on the more expensive side, but they do have fans installed and as you mentioned, they do not heat as much.

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Had a feeling that would be the case. Container has airtight doors and already has in/out vents on each end. The problem is having more than one dedicated growing area as I would have to split the in/out vents if I wanted a grow/clone section and flowering section.
Not to fussed about the work area as I have a garage that I can use for that. Before I start its important to know what setup/system would be the best for that small area to produce a higher yield. If I am going to invest the money I would like a good return on it :slight_smile:

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THAT IS VERY AMBITIOUS. Hope you have a nice pigy bank. The power co will love you for sure.

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Solar Power :slight_smile:

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Spider Farmer lights.recomended

Imo talking about big yields will be pretty useless if you don’t come up with a way to control environment. There is an ideal leaf surface temperature you need to target to maximize plant energy. Too high or low of temperature will slow the plants down, which will have a negative impact on your final harvest weights.

If budget isn’t an issue and you want the biggest yield possible, design your space to be sealed where you control everything. You’ll need ac, heat, humidity control, co2 generator, and circulating fans. X2 if you plan on dividing into multiple spaces.


Do you mind if I ask what lights you are considering that has fans installed on them.


As the above have said, your first major issue is gonna be climate control. It already sounds like you know not to fall down the cheap blurple hole. Just remember, the lights with fans, the heat has gotta go somewhere. Fixture may not get hot but most have a tendency to cause heat in your space. If there is anything that I can help with just, let me know. I will tag you into my journal :v:


Welcome to the community! If these folks can’t get you what you want and more, don’t ask me… lol :joy: J/K

I have to say it, hoping one day they’ll get the message, they taught me everything I know, but the refuse to teach me everything they know…:grin:

Your in good hands with everyone here that’s posted and this is just a few of the good folks here.

I have a 1.52m x 3.5m sealed space. I have a 6” in with a 6” exhaust fan out. I actually made another 6” in and out. I have a 4” exhaust fan hooked up to it and have used it a couple of times. I am fortunate enough to have my dehumidifier In the adjacent room with a hose hooked to it and the dehumidified air position in front of an intake. I grow in water and have everything else in the grow room, water chiller, air pumps, two qb lights, water pump, sink, shelves, two totes for plants and a small reservoir. (I’ll get a bigger rez next grow.)

I have two plants that are about 28” x 40”. each in flower. I could have grown one plant easily in that 58” x 40”.

If you don’t know what to expect, IMHO, you might want to start out small to get ideas of how to make the space really work for you.
Feel free to tag anyone by using the @ symbol in front of the name like @Sue if you need a hand.
Good luck. :+1:t2: :sunglasses:

Thank you, will check them out!

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Thanks for the advice regarding the environment. Any advice on the system? Looked into a whole heap, the more ai look the more confusing it is.

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Was thinking of the california lightworks range.


thanks and true the heat still has to travel, will look into the climate control side. Thanks for the tag and help.

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Thank you for the welcome and for sharing :slight_smile: Looks like you have things well covered! Would be great to know how you go with your plants once they are ready.

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Not quite sure I understand. Please explain. Thanks.