Best pH to rinse marijuana growing medium on hydro?

Best ph rinse hydro cannabis grow systemWhenever I alter the nutrients in my hydro unit, I balance the pH in the water I use to rinse the growing medium. I’ve had another successful marijuana grower tell me that I’m wasting my time because I’m just rinsing and not feeding. Is he right? The pH in my unit is consistent at 6.5, but the tap water is about 8.5.

At an 8.5 pH, the rinse water is very alkaline, and needs to be balanced out before using. Most of the hydroponic books will say that changing the water and rinsing the unit every 2 weeks to a month is important, but you really don’t have to listen to the instruction manuals. Even then, some growers just rinse as a safety precaution. When the unit is drained of its water, there will only be a negligible amount of nutrients left. This doesn’t have much effect on the nutrient or pH levels of the new nutrient-water solution. It is, however, prudent to rinse and sterilize the units between crops.

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