Ok guys and gals, I’m building a new room. I have a 35’ x 30’ flower room with a 9’ ceiling. Currently considering the 15 of the Mammoth 10 bar 800w for the room. Anyone have experience with these? Or prefer another brand? I want to hook them up to a Trolmaster controller. I’m thinking about running 30 of the 3.9 gal Autopot system with the CANNA COCO nutes, with several minor amendments. I’m going to be running the Ares 8 LP in the room. Looking at 2 plants under each LED. Can anyone please suggest any other brands that they might prefer more than the Mammoths? Also, how close can I get my canopy to these high powered LEDs without burning? Lots of questions, any info is GREATLY appreciated!

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Most of the growers I know are running LEDs from Horticulture Lighting Group.

@dbrn32 is the lighting expert here. It’s a big space and he can probably help you out with suggestions for a large space.

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So, I’ve been running LED lights since right around 2010. They’ve really come a long way since then and the new quantum panels are really good. I went from a COB setup that cost me $1200 from advanced led lights to a $400.00 (currently $379 USD) 400 watt (actual wall draw) quantum panel from Maxsisun (best price I could find though no dimmer) that does 2.7umol/J. Suffice it to say it’s higher par than the older panel I had that used the same 400 watts, and I regularly get anywhere from 1.5-2 lbs from 3 plants in a 3’x5’ LST Scrog indoors. I’m currently using 2 of their 200w panels to grow tomatoes and peppers indoors and have huge yields right now. I’m expecting slightly better yields than I’ve been seeing with my full spectrum COB it replaced when the new seeds from ILGM come in. I hope that helps. This is the panel I’m talking about. If you have a larger area to cover and want better spread at the 5 foot width you could just as easily use 2 of the 200 watt lights and spread them out a bit to cover it. Here’s a link:

Also, with the lights I suggested, you can get them as close as 18" from the canopy… any closer and you risk burning, but these panels are so powerful that when I start a grow I’m about 3 feet above the canopy and never have to move the fixture. I get the usual stretch associated with changing the light cycle, but after that it’s smooth sailing, fat colas, good times. LST under a SCROG setup pretty much solves any light proximity issues you may have.

Those will flower slightly larger than 5x5 area, so you’re canopy layout would determine how many you need from there. If you were going to flower your space from wall to wall, you would need more like 40 of them. You won’t though, a room that large would need some space left clear to enter and work in.

Have any more info on the room @SnNGrow Im looking into running something similar like 10x10 to start out with the auto pot XL, spider farm 4000 lights and a NG burner along with a trolmaster. Would love to discuss some details.