Best led for 48x36x72

Looking for some input shopping on amazon

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ohhh, diy yourself one…
i believe hlg has some kits on amazon

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I use viparspectra 450 and 2 300

Ya, based off of previous purchases of those they’re usually like scratches in the anno on heatsink, or some of the fins bent and can be straightened.

You can consider America brands if your budget allows, Cree&Osram chips, UL Listed.
I compared Kind led, Spectrum king, California light, Unitfarm light, I think Kind led design is very similar with cheap Chinese led brands and it is was also made in China and sell it as USA brand, so its price is not cost-effective. California light and Unit Farm quality is similar, UnitFarm price is more affordable, UFO series and UF grow bar looks great on Youtube. Spectrum king is good light, but price is very high.