Bergmans fertilizer

I purchased Bergmans plant food and am unsure about when to change from stage 1 seedling booster to stage 2 growtime…


Welcome to ILGM forum :+1: I’m not familiar with Bergman’s nutrients, is there any directions on packaging?

Welcome to the community I also not familiar

It’s this the kit you got?

Looks like you just go to the page for the kit you got and instructions are there.


welcome to thw community. ive never used it either, was going to try it but it was never in stock

Yes there are directions included with Bergman’s fertilizer, I guess my question was not clear.
The feeding schedule provided is divided up according to the various growth stages and each stage is divided up by week. Logical enough. However my plants at 7 weeks may not be the same size as the plant size this chart is based on.
So I guess my question should be, is it only the age of the plant we’re concerned with ?
In other words, use the dosage recommended for the chronological age of the plants regardless of size? What does the plant look like when in the vegetative stage?
I tried to include pictures with this post but I get a notice saying that this action is unauthorized.


Are you using/growing auto or photo seeds/plants?

Seedling stage is typically right around 2/3 weeks from the time it broke ground. After those first two weeks I would switch to veg nuets. Some people decide when seedling stage is done by what the fan leaves look like, pictures would help. I think new members are restricted to what you can post.

Just keep interacting on the forum sand your permissions will open up from my understanding.

Plant sizes will vary, there are a lot a variables that can impact this.

Do you have multiple nodes of growth yet?


Yes, start your veg feed. Do you have a ph an EC/TDS meter? You will need those.
They do restrict your posting and replies at first. Helps keep the trolls out. You will be able to post more once your trust level increases. Stick around and read, read, read. Give out some likes, it all helps increase your trust level. When your able, start a journal and tag in some growers for help and questions and to help keep an eye on things. Good luck and welcome :v::green_heart:


Thank you for your helpful response.
Yes, there are multiple nodes.

I have a meter that reads ph, moisture and light levels.
Not sure what an EC/TDS meter is.

Sorry missed your other question. I am growing feminized Super Lemon Haze plants.
Auto is auto flower (me thinks) but what does photo mean?

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thanks, I’ve always successfully grown our own food inside and outdoors. Both in ground and aeroponically.
This is my first go round with growing weed. Hoping to accomplish this indoors and in soil.

Auto flower correct, photoperiod is the other.

Sounds like you have fem photo. So you will control veg or flower cycle depending hours of light on per day.

If you have multiple nodes and any fan leaves with the signature 5 sections I would say you are done with seedling and into veg.

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Yes. Size of plant has nothing to do with maturity or development.

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Thank you for clearing this up for me.
One plant is almost out of the seedling stage (according to leaves) and the other 2 will be soon.
I will now read up on the ramifications of growing a photoperiod plant.
thanks again!

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If your plants are 7 weeks old, they are not seedlings even if they are still small

The biggest difference between photo and auto is that photo plants you control veg or flower by how many hours a day your light is on/how many hours of complete darkness the plants get.

Auto however will go through it’s lifecycle automatically,

Each have their pros and cons. Like you said, time to research :grin:

What other people have said here is very accurate as well. You need to understand pH and EC or PPM for your water/feed in and out. What soil/medium are you growing in?

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Post some pictures of your plants as well, pictures really help us guide you.

I’m using the Coast of Maine Platinum because of the high nitrogen level.
They get 18 hrs of light per 24 hrs.
I’m using the same T5 Sunblaster with reflector 17 WATT bulb that I use to start my vegetable seedings every year.
Next time they need water I will add the Stage 2 Growtime fertilizer.

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I’ve tried to post pics but am not authorized to do this :unamused:

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Do you have another light other than this for during veg and flower growth?