Being a newbie cannabis parent is nerve racking

So I’ve learned quite a lot already on forum…
Shout out to all you selfless cultivators…
Now I’m trying to learn how to do a daily watch of trichome development…
I get I am about a month or so out…
Just wanna take in all I can…
So I got my bake on I got my loupe out & now I’m gonna learn how to eye in-hone in my harvesting yield skills. Mr. still ain’t reinvented the wheel yet with a touch of false intellectual pride…
Well I’m just touched…
Born with 20 types of Kentucky crazy. Hunter S. Thompson anyone?.Come on! So I’m looking for darkening pistils,Clouded trichomes on bud sites,
Well of course you all don’t know what your talking about cause I’m a first time grower genius…
All the few trichomes in my babys are cloudy…
Well I got unmatured buds…
With all white pistils well that’s cause it’s white widow. I’m such an jack ass.
Of course all trichomes are cloudy under light…
But I am still kind of trichome blind…
You guys must get some world class newbies whom urk you very last nerve while doing your best to save this God send of a flower that 3 ring circus acts like me constantly make mayhem of


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp



Wait i lost a post draft somewhere

Watched guide.
When I make my banana tea?
Do I bubble? For 24 hrs.?

I’ve stopped aerating my teas. I just mix my ingredients and let sit for a few hours. This allows me to use the tea for a longer period of time (3-5 days) instead of having to use all of it at once.

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Thats how ill go about it.
So ph’d water
How many bananas per gallon?
Plus my microbials and blooms.

Plus I water .5 gallons bout twice a week.
At least once with notes.
Should I trade one of the watering for the tea?
Plus .5 gallons per plant? Like my watering.

This is the latest video the thing is I am pretty sure one or two is closer to harvest than others by a week or so…
I’ve watched the video on harvest I will still probably bug those on here like @homegrown crazy with there every 3 day development opinion. When? Now? Are We There Yet?
Until harvest i think there is gonna be different harvest times for my 4 girls.
If I can get my video to load it says not authorized

Bring it on! I ain’t skrrrd.

Very likely, they rarely mature at the same rate.

If you mean the one @oldmarine posted, you have to click where it says “watch on YouTube” it will open a new window/redirect.

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Yes the one @oldmarine posted

I think it is age restricted on YT therefore you have to open it in YT.

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It was age restricted so I did go to you tube to my sign in
I got an mp4 video of the girls I was going to post but it says not supported on here.
Gotta be jpg.-jpeg-png. etc. I really wanted to send vids of my girls development