Beginner in need of advice on aeropontics nutes help!

Hi Freinds
I’m desperate for help. I’m dealing with a new aeroponics setup. I’ve germinated my seeds in rockwool. I’m using ilgm nutes the chart says 3/4 TSp per 1 gallon of watter. I’m using clean water osmosis and distillied. The chart also says 1.5 EC 750 ppm & of course 5.8 to 6.5 ph. My ppm measures 167 after introducing 3/4 tsp of nutes. Do i add more nutes to up my ppm or how do i increase my ppm. I have cal/mag is this what i use to increase ppm? I don’t want to cause nute burn or lockout right now or anytime. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks my new friends!




Yes, you need to add a lil bit of cal mag to your water to get an accurate ph and ppm reading.

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i believe are hydro… dont know much about it since im organic, but i can get some folks in here that can def help… i do know you have to add cal mag to get a proper reading. Thanks for the tag @TheAbu95 !


Appreciate the tag Brother, responded to this in another post :love_you_gesture:


Thanks for the ta unfortunately I don’t run ilgm nutes . I have experience with many of the general hydroponic lines and currently this is my first run with jacks321 .


I hate to tell ya, ILGM nutes suck really bad. I used them when I first started, and I recommend you toss that crap.

I use General Hydroponics FloraTrio CaliMagic, Armor SI and Southern AG in my hydro.



Thanks for the tag!


Thanks everyone!

Thinking about starting over, i expected i might have to try several times to get it right anyway. My seedlings don’t look that great amyway. Time to take your advice about nute change. But your help is greatly appreciated.

The ugly duckling was ugly, until the swan appeared.
Every plant deserves a chance, until there is no room at the inn, and then some.
Before, “tossing” and “starting over” start a couple more, as you change the system.
Distilled and RO water need something to get the readings started.
I use some left-over water or use nutes that assist PH change,
Apera 20 or better (my 60 is spare for the 20) important, IMO.
Alas, I grow in soil (or try too).

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Thanks, I appreciate all advice!

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Welcome to my world and struggles.
Re-veging pursuit exploded into Aphid invasion and Aphid Eradication campaign.
Not a beginner, and still having issues, welcome to the club.
Forum can assist, just ask (I did).

Apera’s used for soil slurry testing and they worked well.
PPM devices needs new battery, licking and sticking, for limited use.

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