Beginner having some issues

Looking for some feedback for a first time grower. I have a couple leaves yellowing/browning. What can the cause be? Tangerine dream auto is the strain… medium is from apotforpot in a 5 gallon pot. So far everything has been great. Last couple days humidity and temperature have gotten on the higher side. Temps 74°-84°, humidity 52rh-70rh. Water schedule is around a gallon every 4-5 days. Day 34 on the grow. Spider farms 4x4 tent, Sf-1000 full spectrum led light, 4inch intake fan. Dehumidifier and small fan are also used.

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Looks fine to me. Unless it gets worse I wouldn’t sweat it.

Happy growing!


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Looks like maybe you might of spilled some drops of nutrients fell in a leaf.I was having same issue and that was the problem.should be fine

Unfortunately this light covers about a 1,5x1.5 ft tent or 2x2
You need at least a sf-4000 or a better light if you are going to want to use up your 4x4 space efficiently.


Relieved!! Thank you very much.

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Thank you for the tip :grinning:

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It does appear to be some minor physical damage. Just make sure there are no sign of pests, otherwise looks Ok.


I assume that from my attempt at some LST. No pests that I’m aware of. I’ve been looking. Are there any tell tale signs that I should be looking for?