Beggining conversational on my set up

i would like to be able to talk to one person one on one about my hole system, and i would like to be able to pick this person, i am 62 old school and i grew in the late 70s and early 80s, just need a little refresher course. can this be done

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Well @Lnnicholas on this community you will have a lot of people chiming in. If you want more guidance please elaborate on a few details…

What kind of yield are you after?
1 oz? 1lb?
Indoors, outdoors?


You can talk one on one but open conversation on a forum like this will yield a great deal of information from a super wide range of experienced growers. If you have a grower in mind then you can tag them using @ and their user name like @Lnnicholas. This will put up a flag and that grower will pop by when they get time. Good luck in your quest and welcome to an amazing community :sunglasses: