Beer for nutes?

Was just wondering if anyone has ever used beer as nutes for their plant? Was thinking a nice dark beer would probably give lots of nutes, just didn’t know if that bacteria would be beneficial or harmful to the plant/ soil.

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I know beer helps lawns to grow but i dont know about plants

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I remember that PBS dude that made a lawn spray with beer, tobacco, and listerine!

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Beer is ~4 pH and has alcohol in it. I think a better option would be the wort pre-boil and pre- fermentation (aka the mash).

The grains would act as rice hulls and the wort is full of sugars (maltose, dextrose, maltotriose, etc). If a dark beer is used the pH can get into the 6 pH range. But adjusting pH isn’t tough.

Mashing grains is as easy as milling the malted barley and adding it to 152*F water in a cooler for an hour. The enzymes convert the starches in the grain to sugars.

However, replacing all nutrients with wort or beer would not provide the plant all it needs. I guess the sugars could be used as a supplement to nutrition like molasses.


Thanks @MH47 @JaneQP @Aussie_autos for the info! Have some beer sitting on my counter, and just had one of those “I wonder if anyone has tried that?” moments.

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If a can of beer is left out for 24hrs the alcohol dissipates. It is then safer to put on your plants, especially when mixed in with water.

My great grandfather put a tin’s worth of chewing tobacco in the hole when He planted trees. Never failed (apparently) to give new trees a good jump start.

Maybe I’ll do a nod to his ways on my next grow, put a tin in the dirt and see if it does make a difference.


Well that’s the Ole bury a fish under your plant thing, of course they’ll grow better you just have them a giant time release nutrient ball


My uncle used to make some kind of stuff for his roses it was a can of beer epsoms salts Listerine and a few drops of orig dawn dish soap kept the bugs and stuff away from the roses. He also threw cig buts in an old metal coffee can and filled a pail so full when full to his liking he filled it with water for a few days and let it set in the sun. Strained it over a screen and let it all drip out the. It’s and watered the soil with the cig mix smelled horrid but he had beautiful roses


Got a better idea…just drink the beer and buy some neuts.