Basic set up help

Hey, guys, thanks for the help.

About to show further my ignorance.

I ordered the white widow auto flower, which I believe is the male right?

Is the male not what you should grow for a casual smoker, should I have gotten the female?

I had been told to stay away from males and the female is what I want. Is this correct?

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Auto flowers are female. Unlike photo type plants, they will automatically launch into flower - there is no need to change to a 12/12 light cycle to trigger it, although you can change to 12/12 if you want to save some $ on your electric bill. You will start to see flowering around 30 days from when it pokes it of the ground.

Ok, but on the website the “auto-flower” description says it grows up to 24 inches and produces 3-4 ounces. However the white widow female (it does not have the autoflower label on it) says it grows up to 4.5 feet and produces 21 ounces.

I went with the first option, the autoflower, so is that also female but just small?

This is what I ordered:

Yes, it is smaller than the photoperiod White Widow you reference above. Most auto-flowers are smaller than their photoperiod counterparts. But, they are all female.

My first two grows were with WW autos. You will be happy with them. They are good plants to cut your teeth on as a beginner.

Great, I was confused. Thanks for your patience

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Can the leafs of this plant be use for making tea? Or just run them on an herb grinder and smoke?

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I have eaten healthy fan leaves. I like to sauté them.

At harvest, I have also used fan leaves, sugar leaves, and loose buds to make oil.

I’m not sure about teas.

How do you extract oil?

What size pot did you keep these in, 8 gallon minimum right?

Question, my seed got going, a week and a half later and I noticed the plant is having trouble staying up, see photo, is this normal?

@Jonyquest not enough light intensity. That’s the reason you have stretch. When you transplant, you can bury the stem that’s too long. Leaving about 1/2”-1” above soil.

I have this on it:

I also have this I can switch it to:

hey guys, just following up. i swapped the light to the LED grow light i listed above. i set my light cycle to 18 hours of light, 6 of dark. just checking to see if this all makes sense. i have been reading a lot from this website and the .pdf bible download so i am keeping notes and learning as i go.

thanks everybody for your patience and help.

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A small bulb is fine for seedlings. Just keep close.

yes, i am keeping it inches away. for how long can i keep using that light?
i have been using this page as my reference:

and in it, it lists that light as one of option for use. but it does not say for how long i can get away with using it. i figure i could use that now going forward… thats not the case?

i am on a budge and need to buy as i go/learn.

i will get a tent next week ( i will go with one of the ones recommended earlier). however, i was going to continue to save money for this light:

this i assume would be my light going forward?

i moved the plant to a 3.6 gallon pot, with organic potting mix. this is what it look like now:

i bury it and left about 1" above soil, still spraying it 2 times a day to keep soil moist.

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Until you get a couple sets of leaves.

So that little bulb I have now is my seedlings bulb? Can you have more than one seed under that bulb?