Basement Reno Questions

Good Morning, I am not sure if this is the best place for this topic, but it deals with the environment.

My tent/plants are on one side of my basement separated by a louvered door from the other side of my basement. This weekend I am planning to spray paint the ceiling of the room the plants are NOT in.

Do you think I should remove them from the basement while spraying and put them back once the basement airs out? If I am done painting but there is still a lingering paint smell, will this have an averse effects on the plant?

Any input is appreciated.

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The one thing I can think of is if you are pulling air into area with a fan you should turn off fans until you get completely finished. I’m not sure if just the smell of paint would effect your girls. Let’s see what some more experienced people think. @Covertgrower @Oldguy @imSICKkid


My thoughts are take the precautions you would for food growing, and you should be in good shape.
I would also get another fan to vent out fumes from that space.
Yes definitely stop all fans until paint is done being applied.
Latex or oil base?
Latex is safer, less fumes that are volatile.


IMO…if it were me and I had somewhere away to put your plants than I would just move them to be safe…just my 2 cents! Wish you the best but better to be safe than sorry imo


Thanks everyone!

I am using latex paint. I will move the plants out of the tent and into another room for the day and once I am done spraying I will bring them back down.

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