Barnacles or some other pest?

I was doing an inspection before flipping and noticed white spots on the bottom of my plant.

I took a quick look with a cheap jewelry loupe and I didn’t see any legs but it definitely looked like a pest.

They were all mostly at the very bottom of the stem and didn’t appear to be moving.

It’s on all 4 of my plants in the same place. The leaves seem to be healthy.


Howdy, this looks exactly like barnacles/wax scales, yes. I had only seen this once years ago.

Their eggs were probably in the substrate you are using, or were brought in from the mulch and other organic material I see there. If you are not using any kind of small larvae IPM such as Bt, that would be a decent solution to prevent them in the future. As far as removing them…there’s a few ways from the usual predatory bugs like lacewing lavae, neem oil maybe, adding a little Bt to your water input schedule.

From looks alone, it seems your substrate, or at least what might be your notill cover, is kind of dry. They might have migrated to a more moist environment. That’s just a random thought, more than anything. Could be, could not be…

Luckily, most of the small pests can be dealt with easily using a few different methods, but the important thing is to do this before it happens.

If it were me, I’d be too disgusted to enjoy continuing growing that plant. I’m not saying to get rid of it. Learn from this. Try to defeat the enemy. Don’t give up!

I’m sure there will be many more answers from other growers. I just joined this site and this is my very first post! :slight_smile:

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That’s just typical cannabis lenticels. Probably got wet a few times and those little bumps are the start of roots. If the plant was buried deeper in the soil it would grow roots from those bumps. Perfectly normal.


It would be a rare plant that would survive through to the end that didnt show some kind of problem. Throwing away a plant for a few bumps on the main stem is a bit extreme.
Its also odd that two new members only show up on this thread. But odd stuff happens.
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I grow organically, and I fought different types of pests for 2 years when first starting, and my plants come out beautifully every time now, as long as I keep my humidity in check for PM. I’ve seen way too many bugs, fought them with more bugs, until I had a whole ecosystem to be continually replenished. It’s not something I enjoy looking at anymore :slight_smile:

Barnacles look a bit different than lenticels (the divets) or the nodules (the bumps) from my experience.

Quick way to tell: rub them. They will be oily and rub right off, and legs can be seen. Also, they can be sprayed off easily with an IPM.


When I first looked at the pic I also thought root linticles but when @CannaPhoenix posted about the barnacles I was intrigued as I’ve seen similar bumps on the base of my stems over the years from time to time so did a little research.
Rub them and see if the move/rub off or not…fingernails are your friend…lol
Thanks for the know ledge.

Either way I wouldn’t scrap them just use some elbow grease and some natural soap like Bronners or ant Castile soap as the potassium salts of fatty acids will help kill them if that’s what they are. Could also rub some Neem on them. I wouldn’t “spray” them just use your fingers or a rag soaked in either and coat them.

Welcome to the forum @Fuqer and @CannaPhoenix

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Welcome to the forum @Fuqer and @CannaPhoenix
Good Call @CannaPhoenix

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Rip this thread has me even more worried now. I have similar on mine… I’m gunna have to check now

:point_up_2:I 100% agreed with spiney Norman. Those are lenticles. The plant would grow roots there if it made soil contact. See how they are at the branch collars only. If they were any type of scale they would be randomly up and down the stems, move around (scale is slow like a sloth though) as in different spots each day, and spread rapidly like aphids.

Scale is super rare on cannabis too. It prefers plants that have lots of sugar sappy guttations like fruit trees, berries, and maple saplings before they get woody. Roses too.

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I’m using coco 70/30. It looks a little dry on top because I scratch the surface around a bit to prevent any green algae growing, plus it’s feeding day.

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I think and am hoping you’re right. Someone else that I trust a lot is also telling me that’s what it is also.


When I first noticed them I tried to remove one to get a better look and it didn’t wipe right off. I had to scratch at it.

If it’s one of the many scaley insects (there’s 1000’s in the family), you’ll know. Grab a pair of tweezers and your scope. If it is woddy and seems like it’s part of the plant, they’re just nodules. Lots of auxins in there. Good clone cutting sites if not :slight_smile:

It’s never really a question though. Some of the scaley bugs are obvious and some look like root nodules. Finger or tweezer’s to the rescue (all insects have legs and will move when touched :)).

It’s great that you questioned this. Always be preventative, do research, but conduct your own experiments from that research to be sure. Good luck man! Let’s see the whole plant :slight_smile:


Thanks all, learned something new today in ref to our plants and possible pest probs to look for in the future. Not that these are pests but the Barnacle comment got me looking and reading.