Bag weed seeds, that will grow all Females plants. ( 100% )

Hi, have you every been told things and you just didn,t believe it, or find out later that its just not true? ( let me tell you the true story ) and you experts tell me why, or why not. if you can.
I have been growing deep down south in Mexico for 9 years, and i always belived if you plant bag weed seeds you would get 50% males and 50% Females. Well let me tell you that happened to be true for the first 2 years i was growing. Than i stumbled on some thing amazing. ( and i can back it up ) but i dont know why it is… let me tell youi have planted 600 plants and all 600 were Female. ok here what happened. in mexico i saw men who could grow corn nice and big, green and faster than other locations around different areas. i stoped one day to ask a man in the field why his corn grew so good. he laughed and said its called aztec gold… I thought what?? he said for years aztecs woud use volcanic Black sand in the soil and it made all the differance, I said realy!! where do you get it?? He told me at the lake. i thanked him and went o my way, think it was a BS story as black sand would be to hot for the grow. well i went to the lake and the black sand was cool to walk on even in 40 degrees c. i saw plants growing at the lake side huge. i took some home and tryed it on agreen bean plant and it grow 11 feet high and nice and green. so i thought i would try it with weed. well i do groups of 10, the first ten all females. bigger and faster growing outside. i thought lucky me. next 10, all Femals. i though wow lucky me again. untill 100 plants were all Female. so down to the lake i went and loaded up on the volcanic sand by the water, took it home washed it with clean water and sized it by screens. mixed it 30% with regular soil. its now been 600 plants and all Females, is that just luck?? i think not!!! i dont know why they are all Females. can anyone answer this question.? i say dont believe all you hear or read. I have all photos and sand samples. its heavy but i can ship you to test for yourself. i wish i knew how to send the photos on this site. Maybe the aztecs knew somthing we don’t know? i’m a happy camper thats for sure.

Thats crazy but congrats


Very interesting. magical black sand I guess.

I’m guessing you could sell me some black sand too, right?

Mother Nature has lots of things for us to learn. You can never doubt the power she has.

I will send you 1 kg free.( not for sale ) its very heavy. you pay the shipping!!! i need to know why its doing what it does… Volcano and ASH / rock… who knows. but its doing it, and i had to tell people about it. I am looking now as to why it also stays cool and not like the black sands of Hawaii.
Im a Canadian living in mexico 1 kg is two red Big cups.