Bad start need guidance

Having trouble right out of the gate. Sent 3 seeds to there doom. I have #4 germinating. Here are my details:

indoor grow
using a pot for pot 2 gallon with there soil mixture. (best info I can supply)
seeds are bruce banner autoflower
lighting is sansi 36w full spectrum led bulb 10hrs a day
nature supplies the heat. The average is mid 70’s to low 80’s by day,
high 60’s to low 70’s at night.

The above is what I’m starting with and you can see I’m starting out low budget. I’m not the richest or the poorest so if I need to add to my set up or change everything completely give any and all recommendations. I really want to do this! As for my goal I want to grow a single plant to start. If I succeed, at most I see myself growing two at a time tops. Of course this can change. I never uploaded pics before so I hope these come out.

Thanx in advance!


Lower the light to around 8” above to slow the stretch down and put some medium around the main for support. Is that a peat cup the seedling is in? She’ll end up root bound and small. I used a coco cup once that was supposed to decompose and allow the roots through but not the case. The temps and heat seem to be the culprits. Seedlings need 78-82 degrees and an RH of 65-75% consistently. Cover them with a clear solo cup, cut a water bottle in 1/2 anything that you can use as a dome. Mist the inside of the dome, lower the light and water a ring around the outside of the cup to promote root growth. I like growing them in solo cups for the first few weeks to get a nice root ball going before I transplant. Little plant in a big pot can be challenging on watering :love_you_gesture: welcome back by the way


What @OGIncognito said

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Thanks for all your tips. I’m in the process of reorganizing and making some tweaks to my grow space. Will shout out when I’m up and running.

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Get a fan on that thing immediately. As soon as my germinated seedlings actually sprout out of the ground they are hit with fans. You want that seedling to continually move. This promotes cellular structure in the main trunk. This will stabilize the plant from becoming top-heavy and falling over. Transplanting a seedling you should plant it deep enough in the pot that just the two first leaves are showing. This will make the main stalk promote root growth near the surface increasing stability. And as others said lower that light. You should have a hydrometer with a sensor that hangs right at the top of your plant so you always know the relative humidity in your grow space and the temperature of the air at the point closest to your light. Enjoy your buds!!! Homegrown is the best grown!

Lots of good advice already here! Definitely increase the light. Sunlight is the best light, but having that supplemental will really help too. Give her direct sunlight whenever possible and then put her under the light at night/on cloudy days. Lower your light to about 12 inches or lower. You want it as close as she is comfortable with. Autoflowering cannabis is great because she can grow under any light conditions. If you want to maximize her potential, you will give her as much light as possible. Light is how your plant gets all her energy to convert the nutrients in her soil into more plant. For those growing entirely indoors, we recommend to give autos 20 hours light / 4 hours darkness each day for best results. :bulb:

We do not encourage the covering of seedlings. We’ve seen too many seedlings suffocate/get too wet and dampen off. We also find that the jiffy pellets are the best choice for starting seedlings. Roots have no problem growing through the casing of the jiffy pellet.

And having a fan around your indoor space can be useful to circulate air and support the plant’s transpiration. As she is already quite fragile looking, maybe hold off on having a fan point directly at the plant. Ideally you want it moving the air just above/around the plant and occasionally touching the plant. Too much fan can lead to wind burn/damage.

Please feel free to reach out to our grow coaches directly. We love talking about plants! It’s a wonderful journey you have embarked on. :potted_plant:


23 days of growth and counting fan on them from day1 24 hours of light


Looking good, have you direct planted in these peat cups before with no root bound :love_you_gesture:

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@OGIncognito Thank you very much for your compliment and question. I have always used the 3in. peat pots with seeds and clones. I normally do not cover my seedlings with plastic for humidity I will constantly spray them with a fine mist of 6.3 ph water. I use boiled tap water that is stored and aerated daily. Also they go under a fan the minute they pop my first 30 days are constantly focused on root growth and main stalk and large stem formation. Stability to me is much more important than humidity levels they will grow out of the humidity needs but a weak stalk will lead to a weakened plant. Spraying the leaves I continually spray the peat pot too this helps with keeping the pot moist and promotes some decomposition of the pot so the roots will come through. I never plant my peat pots into the 5 gallon pots without seeing roots coming out of the sides of the peat pot. If they are only pushing through the drain hole in the bottom I will begin giving them .5 grams of V1/V2 from FloraFlex to promote rapid root growth. I grow in a ProMix soil and use FloraFlex nutes including BlosomBooster and FullTilt when flowering.

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Right on Grow Bro, I tried a coco coir cup once and suffered root bound big time. I did this experimenting versus my traditional solo cup and transplant at week 2-3. I’m a fan of the doming my seedlings and this method has worked well. Different strokes for different folks and why change what works for ya is my motto. Good looking grow you got :love_you_gesture:

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Again, thank you brother. I do have a topic in the indoor forum. Now that I’m going into my layoff season soon I will be able to spend much more time giving and receiving knowledge. I love plants of all kinds. I am a plant person. Looks like I’m going to have to push phone companies to include a green thumb in the emojis for us plant people!!! Green👍🏻


Like wise on the plant love. I sold my house back in March and had my garage there and the new place set up as my lung room and went down 2 grow tents in the new garage. It’s all old school and tuned the old fashioned way for environmental conditioning. Nothing brings me peace like sitting in my garage with my plants and helping the wife with all her household and yard plants…therapy for sure. I grow under the radar in a illegal state and grow for myself and a few other veterans :love_you_gesture:

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My wife and I am very grateful for the service and security you have provided to our Country. I apologize that marijuana is still considered illegal in some states. It isn’t legal quite yet for me to grow, but it is legal to possess and use recreationally here. It is a great service to grow and help your brothers with the bounty of your harvest. I am not a drug dealer, and my friends love my Christmas and birthday presents. Be safe, enjoy your freedoms.:call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

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Right on Brother and appreciate the kind words :love_you_gesture:

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