Bad breath weed

I just harvested a crop of Purple Punch. Great looking plants. One plant out of 12 has a bad odor. Not the usual cannabis smell. This smells like someones morning breath after a night of drinking. Very offensive. I had to hold my breath while wet trimming. I saw no signs of rot, mold. They actually looked very healthy, dense and sticky. Not sure if I will keep them, but for now I will dry and cure and see what happens. Has anyone ever had plants that smell “bad”?


There are 6 main terpenes typically found in cannabis. There’s 2 that i feel may fit your description. Humulene, which smell is associated to Hops and is probably easily associated with bitter beer breath. The other is Caryophyllene and is also found in black pepper.

I did a quick search of strain and it is known to have both with higher concentrations of Caryophyllene. You probably just have 1 plant that is little different phenotype than rest, which happens all the time.


If it smells like bad feet, ocean water, diesel fuel or vomit I’ll buy as much as you’ve got :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:
Welcome to the forum hope it all smokes well.


Very interesting, and educational as well. I am wondering if I am going to taste that. I actually did harvest one other Purple Punch that had a strong smell of fresh ground black pepper.


Welcome @Liviticus to the forum. You brought a good one to ponder. I’d have to agree with @dbrn32 on this plant getting a rare combination or terpenes. Maybe a keeper if you have some seed. May be worth gold to a breeder. Like the whale vomit treasured for its aromatics in the perfume industry.