Backup seeds potentially too tall for tent

Hi guys, after accidentally pouring my LSD-25 seeds down the drain (don’t ask…) I turned to the free Six Shooter auto’s i had been sent. After a bit of research i see these grow 1m-1.4m. My tent itself is only 1.4m tall, my plan was to do some LST to make the plant grow a bit more sideways, but i’ve seen that auto’s might not take kindly to it? Anyone know the best way to avoid this?

(Tbh they’ve been in germination for 3 days now and i’ve not noticed anything… I think my temp was a bit low but humidity was fine, they’re now being kept at roughly 22C in a sealed box with damp tissue, fingers crossed)

First time by the way, won’t be put off if they go wrong, will just buy more

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I have never done autos but I am pretty sure your best option without topping would be to tie them down or over. LST, low stress training

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Cheers. I did all the research on the LSD and when I lost em I put the others straight in without researching. Just gotta make sure I keep on top of the training so my precious beautiful (hopefully) buds won’t burn